Rustic Oak Tables

As a Rustic furniture maker a lot of my commissions requests are for Rustic Oak Tables.

I work mainly with reclaimed wood which can come from historic buildings, Victorian Piers and ancient Barns.

I can also source the most amazing British grown timber such as Oak,  Elm, Chestnut and Cedar from a sustainable woodland in the south west.


Most of my bespoke tables are made using large whole slabs of Oak which can measure up to 12 ft in length, although I get asked to make a range of different styles of Rustic Dining Tables too.

The rustic table bases are usually made with reclaimed wood such as weathered Oak or Chestnut Beams. They show plenty of age and character which makes each piece unique.

There are many different options for the base’s and table tops I make.

The finish I use on these Bespoke Dining Tables varies depending on what my clients ask for:

  • For a more hardwearing waterproof finish I recommend an Osmo oil.
  • Often I will be asked to use a Beeswax which gives the Oak Tables and natural finish without being too shiny.

To compliment a custom-made oak dining table I'll be asked to make rustic Benches to slide underneath the Table.  Keeping the space tidier when not in use.

It isn't just dining tables that I make to order, coffee tables, side tables and console tables are popular too.

My Showroom in Dunbridge, Hampshire always has examples of the styles of Oak Tables that I make. I always have plenty of Rustic Benches in stock too.

Depending on how busy I am, lead time is usually around 4 weeks. It's worth popping in to the Showroom to get some inspiration and have a chat about what you would like.